In a crowded media marketplace, Amy Bonetti knows exactly how to differentiate your brand and position your message. A gifted strategist, an obsessive organizer and a tenacious talker, Amy Bonetti gets a hold of your story and won't let go until the media is echoing your talking points as if they dreamed them up in the first place.

From initial funding to launch, and on to competitive warfare--through all the chapters of your story--she creates excitement in the media where your investors, customers, competitors and potential new talent are looking.

Big-Agency know-how with boutique-agency style...

Big Mouth offers the personal attention of a made-to-order PR firm, without the excessive overhead of a PR mega-mall with an off-the-rack PR program. Big Mouth's seasoned PR professionals help to quickly implement your program.  Drawing from a rich pool of gifted writers, PR pros, and event organizers, account teams are dynamically assembled to achieve your unique media objectives--with a senior person always at the helm. No interns at Big Mouth, no mahogany conference rooms, and no guilt-free expense accounts--just experienced working professionals focused on delivering results.

With more than a decade of PR experience, and with an irreverent, high-energy personality that makes an impact wherever she treads, Amy Bonetti is ready to unleash the Big Mouth tsunami for your company.

  • Among the PR services she offers are:
  • Development of PR plans
  • Launching new companies
  • Company and product positioning for industry analysts and media
  • Development of Social Networking and Online Viral Buzz Programs
  • Media Relations
  • Product launch planning and implementation
  • Development of press materials
  • Organization and management of press tours
  • Speaking opportunity venues